Workout (not cleaning) Movitation

Yesterday’s 5 mile tempo run really took a lot out of me for some reason. My legs felt sore and achy this morning and I felt sort of run down. I had to force myself to do some strength training at lunch time. I literally sat in the car for a good five minutes debating whether I should skip the gym and go to Target. Eventually, I made myself walk in. I did a quick NRLFW workout and was on my way.

One thing that I pride myself on is my ability to motivate myself to work out. Of course, I’d rather have gone to Target, but I knew that once I put on my workout clothes, I’d feel like working out and I was right. It’s all a big mental game and you have to know how to play it.

For me, since I’m training for a race, I have a set number of days that I’m supposed to run. The other days are marked as cross-train/rest. I make sure that I do all of the running days and then play it by ear whether or not I cross-train or rest. I always take at least one full rest day a week. Sometimes I give myself an additional day or two because I think it’s important to avoid burn-out.

And then I bargain with myself. Today, while I was daydreaming about Target, I tried to rationalize going to the gym after work. But I knew that, for one, I was tired but also that we’re having dinner guests tomorrow and I needed to get home and clean. After I did my half hour in the gym, I’d be free and it wouldn’t be hanging over my head. There’s nothing that I hate more than a workout hanging over my head. Okay, that’s a complete lie; I can think of a million things I hate more, but I still don’t like it!

I needed dinner to be easy tonight. After eating curry last night and again for lunch, I was not going to have it a third time for dinner. So I went with my go-to lazy night meal – pita pizza.


A little skimpy on the veggies, but so easy for a lazy night meal. I guess I could have sauteed some frozen peppers to put on the pizza, but I didn’t.

I guess I should probably be cleaning the house now. I wish I had some of my workout motivation when it came to cleaning.

Are you clean or messy?

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19 responses to “Workout (not cleaning) Movitation

  1. I love pita pizzas! I used to be super messy, but I’m really working on it, and I think I can finally call myself a neat person :)

  2. I think your mushroom pizza looks delicious! Growing up I was grody messy, and my mom was the psycho cleaning lady. I have definitely struck a balance in there, although I will say that since I’ve started school along with working full-time, a lot of cleaning has gone by the wayside as far as staying on top of it. I do it when I can!

  3. I go through phases of extreme neatness and extreme messiness :-)

    Looks like a perfect easy dinner to me!

  4. I consider myself clean but the kids are messy! Good job working out! Dinner sounds perfect!

  5. I can go from one extreme to the other with cleaning. There are days you can see your reflection in my wood floors. There are days you could build a sandcastle from the dirt on my floors. I’m getting a head start on spring cleaning. I’ve been painting. Running and going up/down the ladder has left my legs feeling like rubber.

    I fed my children pizza last night. I made a salad out of the pitiful looking selection of veggies in my fridge. Somebody needs to go grocery shopping.

  6. I should be mopping my very dirty floor right now. Reading blogs is way more interesting. But now you’ve got me thinking about my floor again…

  7. You should be proud of yourself that you went in. I can easily talk myself out of a workout if I’m wavering.
    We recently decided to get a cleaning lady once every 2 weeks and it has made life much better. Her price is really reasonable and now we just have to stay on top of picking things up around the house, and she takes care of the big jobs (floors, bathrooms, etc).

  8. I’m clean, but my family is messy. Especially Norah. By the end of the week, there are sticky little hand prints on every surface.

  9. Hi Lee – great job on the workout. I am usually good about motivating myself too – I think because of how great I feel afterward. Your pita pizza looks delish. I’m definitely a clean person but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the looks of my apartment right now. Its been a crazy week and its bugging me!

  10. Can I answer somewhere in between?! I want to be messy, my tendency is to be messy BUT I HATE A MESS!!!! So, I need clean to feel like my life is in order. I am more productive and happier when things are neat! Love the pizza pic! I’m a sucker for great pics! Love them!

  11. You know what’s weird? I LOVE to clean other people’s houses – my sisters’, my parents’, my friends’…..but I don’t like to clean mine as much. :-) I would say I am really good about staying clutter free (I hate it when things pile up on the counter or coffee table), BUT I need to be better about dusting and deep cleaning.

  12. haah I AM MESSY but i like to be clean.. so it totally doesn’t work out… i try to be clean but it ends up messy and i get all mad at myself so i clean.. then it gets messy again!

  13. It is such a mental game. Most days I just trick myself into getting dressed, like you said. Then its like, well, I’m not gonna waste the outfit!

  14. I agree with your thoughts on burning out! Taking a day or two off a week is VERY important! Pizza is always a fantastic dinner. I am very clean. I hate clutter and dirt!

  15. I am the exact same way about motivating (or forcing!!) myself to work out. Sometimes I just do not want to do it, but I find that if I have my clothes already packed, it’s so much easier to head straight to the gym after work and just do it. Once I’m there, it doesn’t mean that I’ll have an amazing workout, but I usually don’t have much of a problem getting through it.

    I wish I could apply that same mentality to cleaning too. I have to really FEEL like cleaning to get excited about it.

  16. I’m what I call an organized clutter person. Its really hard for me to keep things tidy, but I usually know where everything is, even if i looks a little messy. Good job on being so motivated. I try to remember that IF i’m in good health, I ALWAYS feel better after a workout and I almost always regret skipping it, unless I know I need to take a day off to rest.

  17. That pizza looks good to me! I love mushrooms.

  18. I can be a bit of a clean freak most of the time. I think I must be a little OCD…I like things in their place and I hate clutter.

    Good for you for getting your motivation! Sometimes, I will try to talk myself out of a workout all day, but like you, as soon as the workout clothes go on, my mindset changes. I guess I’m thinking, “Well, I’m already dressed!”