It started out well

Yesterday started out really well. I woke up around nine and left a sleeping Jason in my bed and went on a 6 mile run. I forgot how much I enjoy running early in the morning. There is a part of me that enjoys it because I’m getting it over with and it doesn’t loom over my head for the rest of the day and there is another part that somehow feels superior. Like I’m not in bed nursing a hangover on a Saturday morning, I’m out and about and doing good things for my body.

I had some sugar free jelly on a wasa cracker before I left. It was perfect weather too. About 55 degrees. I was dressed a little too warmly however. I had on capris and a long sleeve shirt. About halfway into it, I had to roll up my sleeves. I didn’t really get into a zone until about mile 4 but it did happen. After I got home and showered (and bought Radiohead tickets!), I went to Publix and got ingredients to make pancakes for Jason. I used Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat pancake mix and put strawberries in them. We also ate two Yves Sausage patties each.

All was well until dinner time. It was Emily’s birthday and a bunch of our friends went to Einstein’s for dinner. I had a glass of wine and didn’t partake in the appetizers that Erin, Baha and Caitlyn ordered. But then we noticed there was this menu of $6 martinis. As the martinis kept coming, my healthy eating went out the door. I ordered a pretty healthy entree, a grilled tilapia sandwich on foccacia bread with a side of spinach. They brought Emily’s this huge ice cream sundae because it was her birthday and that’s where I lost it. I ate A LOT of her sundae. It only got worse from there. We went to the Brewhouse and Jason met us there after he got off work. He ordered nachos. I ate a ton of them. Ugh.


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