Maybe I was doing them right

My hamstrings are sore! Maybe I was doing the deadlifts correctly after all. I was reading somewhere about how a lot of women have a discrepancy between the strength of their quads and the strength of their hamstrings. I know that my quads are much stronger. In pilates class, I have a lot of trouble doing the bridges, especially on one foot. These are hamstring exercises. When I snowboard, I have a lot of trouble standing up on the board. (I mean physically getting up from strapping my boots in.) After trying to figure out forever why I had so much trouble, I summed it up again to weak hamstrings. Despite all the running I’ve done in my life, my legs really aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be. I guess the ol’ theory of “I don’t need to do legs, I run” doesn’t really cut it.

I ran 4.5 miles yesterday on the treadmill. It feels strange that I’m already more than half done with my half marathon training. I am not very confident in myself to tell the truth. I know that I’ll be able to finish, but I don’t really count on having a good time. I’ve been running 10:30 miles instead of 10 like I had done in previous races. It’s important for me to not get bogged down with time. I’m extremely competitive with myself sometimes.

Food today was good. I’ve kept it under 1800 calories.

Breakfast – Lower sugar oatmeal made with skim mixed with banana and .5 oz almonds
Snack – .5 oz almonds
Lunch – Asian veggie burger (decent) on Masada (a local bread that rocks) bread with lettuce, tomato and 1 slice part skim pepperjack; big apple; 2 hershey kisses
Snack – 1 serving triscuits with 2 tbsp hummus
Dinner – leftover Mexican Pasta salad; steamed broccoli with my favorite “sauce”. (Salsa and cottage cheese mixed together); Breyer’s 100 calorie ice cream.

I feel like I’m going to be eating that leftover Pasta Salad for the rest of my life. The recipe said it made 5-6 servings. I’ve had it three times and there is still a lot left.


2 responses to “Maybe I was doing them right

  1. That not counting on having a good time is a big part of why I’m not repeating ING this year…

  2. I know the feeling. It’s been so long since I’ve run that far that I just want to sort of make sure I can still do it.