Riddle me this

Why do running shorts always, always, always ride up? I don’t understand. I’ve tried various lengths, bought them in different sizes and no matter what I do, they ride up. So I’m that girl. The one that looks like a fool on the treadmill trying to get her shorts to fall normally. Does this happen to everyone? It’s always happened to me and that’s one reason why I’ve worn capris in all of the races that I’ve done. Well, the longer ones. You’d think that someone who invent shorts that don’t ride up. Maybe I should try a running skirt. Or maybe I’m doomed to a life of spandex.

At least I ran 4.5 miles. Bitching about my shorts in my head the whole way, but 4.5 miles anyway.

And on the eating front, add a ton of almonds and a slice of cheese to my previous list. Oh well. C’est la vie.


One response to “Riddle me this

  1. I have the same problem. I just blame my current disproportioned lower body (i.e. the 20-30 pounds I need to lose).

    I’m currently running in pants, capris, or running skirts.