I have somehow become one of those people where I eat really well during the week but lose all control on the weekends. Last night Jason and I had tickets to Regina Spektor. We were going to take Marta there so we decided to have dinner and some drinks at Taco Mac before getting on the train. I tried to order what I deemed the healthiest thing on the menu, the Portobello Wrap with steamed veggies. It was not that good. Taco Mac’s food pretty much sucks. They have an awesome beer selection though. I had two Purple Hazes which they have on tap! We got to the concert, which was good but short, and then decided afterwards to have a drink at The Sun Dialwhich I had never been to before. We both had a martini. Then we got home and I pigged out. Jason actually drove my car to Kroger and bought sushi (not badly really but granted this was 1 am) and I ate that and a bunch of cereal. Ugh, I just have to immediately go to sleep after I’ve had any alcohol whatsoever or I will eat the entire contents of the kitchen!

Oh well, today is another day. We’re going to the outlets in Commerce later and I am going to meet the parents for the first time (!)

Today is my rest day. Tomorrow is 8 miles.


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