The Jean Dilemma

I received a gift card to Bloomingdale’s a while ago. Now I know it’s not the smartest idea to buy jeans on the internet but I found a free shipping code and I didn’t feel like braving the crowds at the mall. So I ordered these jeans that I liked in a size 30. They just came today. They’re stretchy so I don’t know what they’ll be like after an hour of wearing, but they were definitely on the snug size. I’m sure that size 31 would be perfect. So here’s my dilemma. Do I return them in exchange for a bigger size or do I keep them in the hopes that I will lose these pesky 10 pounds? They were expensive so I don’t want to feel like I just wasted a bunch of money (or rather a gift card) but on the other hand, maybe it’ll be a good motivational tool.

I did a circuit training class with some of my co-workers at lunch. It was good for some variation. I have pretty much followed my workout schedule to a T this week. I’m glad that I scheduled my 8 mile run for Sunday and not tomorrow because we’re supposed to get snow flurries. Come on. It was 70 degrees today. Like I told Jason a few weeks ago, I’m going to start a band and I’m going to call it, “I live in the South, so why is it so fucking cold??” except not with the question marks or I may have to drop them like Panic at the Disco.

Okay, random. I need a nap.


One response to “The Jean Dilemma

  1. Ha Ha! I love the band name! Buy the 31 – be comfy and as a treat for losing the pounds buy the 30’s!