You can’t run during a tornado

Last night a tornado blew through Downtown Atlanta. There was a lot of damage. Fortunately, the area where I live just really got a bunch of heavy rain. Jason wanted to go out last night before the storms hit but I wasn’t feeling like it. So we ended up getting Vietnamese food and watching a movie (which turned into watching the news.) We got home right when it started to rain. It’s very fortunate that I was tired because the area where he wanted to go, East Atlanta, had reports of car windows being broken and debris in the streets.

Another heavy storm came through at around 6 am. And they are predicting another one! This does not bode well for my running plans. I was planning on doing 9 miles outside this morning. I don’t want to go now, even though it’s not raining, for fear that I’ll get caught in a storm. I don’t want to go to the gym because 9 miles on a treadmill is torture. And I don’t want to go tomorrow because I’m supposed to go to a baby shower and then out for St. Patrick’s Day tonight. The baby shower is at 6, so I’m sort of hoping that if we do get more storms, they’ll get here already and I’ll still be able to fit my run in. If not, I guess I’ll suck it up and do it on the treadmill. Ugh.

I go to this circuit training class sometimes on Fridays. It’s taught by a co-worker’s husband who owns his own personal training studio. I mentioned to him that I’d been lifting weights consistently for a month now and haven’t seen any results. He asked if I was also doing cardio. I said I was running aroun 15-20 miles a week. He asked about my diet. I said it was pretty decent. Then he asked about soda. I told him that I only drink diet. He told me that the body still produces insulin (I could be getting this wrong, but something to this effect) because it’s being fooled into thinking that it’s getting sugar. So somehow that extra insulin causes you to store your carbs as fat. Or something. But in any event, he told me that the other trainer there, Dory, had her very-overweight father stop drinking diet soda for a month and he lost 30 pounds without exercising or making other changes to his diet.

So I figured that I’d try it. I had one yesterday. I am going to try, for the most part, not to have any for a month and see if that changes anything. Today is day one.


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