Nice day

Yesterday we had a tornado, today was sunny and beautiful. Go figure. Last night, I went to a baby shower for my friend Erin. I think I did pretty well, foodwise. I basically had a bunch of celery with hummus; some pretzel snack mix and a little bit of mac and cheese. Not great, but not horrible. Everyone was going out to Fado to celebrate St. Patty’s Day but I was tired and knew that I had to run the next day. Plus, I didn’t feel like dealing with huge crowds.

This morning, Jason and I had lunch at Lettuce Souprise You. My salad basically consisted of normal veggies, along with a few egg whites and some low fat ranch. I also had a cup of vegetable soup, a low fat pineapple muffin (small) and some orange slices. With WATER!!!

9 mile run was fine. I hate the beginning and end of my runs because in order to get to the neighborhood that I like running in, you have to begin in a sketchy area. I think a cracked out man told me I was beautiful today. I wasn’t sure. There was nothing really monumental about the run. I felt fine the whole time. Around mile 8, back at the sketchy street, I just really wanted to be done, but I think that’s normal no matter how long the distance is.

I went to Trader Joe’s and bought some interesting new things. I bought the following, all of which I have never tried before:
Caribbean Fruit Floes (popsicles)
Puffins Cereal
Yerba Matte (to drink in the mornings instead of diet coke)
Cacciatore Simmer Sauce
Blood Oranges
White Bean and Basil Hummus.



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