of the new Trader Joe’s items. Yes, I’ve tried them all.

Yerba Mate – I know that I don’t really like this. It tastes grassy. I really bought it to use as a stimulant in the morning instead of caffeine but just don’t care for it. I think I’ll just do tea. I actually had some coffee today with almond milk and a pinch of real sugar. I was getting headachey. I just don’t like coffee very much. Or maybe it’s just the kind that we have at work which is Starbucks. I know some people don’t care for that.

Fruit Popsicles – This was really the only new item that I liked. I thought it was 100% fruit but there is fructose and something else in it. They only have 80 calories though and they were pretty big and took a long time to eat. I just looked and they have 21 grams of sugar. I think that’s too much. If it was just from the fruit, that’d be fine.

White Bean Hummus – this was okay but had a very pungent taste that I can’t describe. I’ll stick to regular hummus. I actually don’t care for TJ’s hummus that much. They’re decent but I much prefer Sabra or the Costco brand.

Puffins – Eh.

Caccitore simmer sauce – Tonight I decided that I was going to make a black bean sauce stir-fry because I had this package of stir fry veggies to use up. I added some frozen peppers and these random mung beans that came with my Vietnamese take out last weekend. And shrimp. But at the last minute, I decided to use the simmer sauce instead of the black bean. Not that great. It didn’t have much flavor. Maybe I didn’t put enough on it. The veggies were definitely more conducive to a Chinese tasting sauce. It was pretty colorful though:


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