Good Friday

I had today off work which is so nice. I love it when I have random days off that don’t really feel like I should. Today was pretty productive actually. I took my car in to get some brake stuff done. The brake place was a mile from my apt, so I left my car there and walked home. Then I walked back to pick it up. So, that was 2 miles. Then I ran 5.5 later on. I enjoyed my run. I am finally to the point where I like to run again and that’s good since my half marathon is in a week and two days. I have one more long run and then a few short ones and then I’m done. I definitely don’t want to take a long hiatus from running after this race like I did after the full last year. It was not fun getting back in good running condition. I already signed up for the Peachtree. So did Jason and I’m really proud of him for doing so since he is not really a runner. I think that if I can run races, anyone can. I know that everyone says that but seriously, back in college, I was lazy and overweight and if I can overcome that and be an athlete, anyone can.

Here’s a number for you. 7. You know what that is? It’s the number of days that I’ve gone without a diet coke! And while we’re at it, here’s another number. 30. That’s the number of days until I turn it. Ahhh.


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