I sprained my ankle. Jason and I are in DC and we were walking to the metro station. There was some construction on the sidewalk and they had put a little wooden ramp down. Unfortunately, the ramp had sort of been squished by a big machine and it was uneven. I stepped on it and twisted my ankle. The construction people were all nervous and kept asking me if I was okay. At first I sort of felt like I was going to throw up. Jason went into Blockbuster across the street and got me some water. After I drank it, I felt okay and thought I could walk it off.

We went to The Holocaust Museum and then met my mom for dinner and it hurt a little but not badly. Then, after dinner, we went for drinks at Jaleo and it started throbbing. We had to take a taxi home even though it was only probably .5 miles.

My mom had some Percoset in the house, so I took one which really didn’t do anything except make me fall asleep. Now, the next day, it feels okay when I don’t put pressure on it but sore and stiff when I do.

This sucks. This is going to ruin my vacation. Not only will I not be able to run (I’d been hoping to do a 8 mile run on the Crescent Trail) but I’m not really going to be able to walk around which is really what you do when you visit DC.



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