Sleepy Beepy

When I was younger, my mother would always call me a sleepy beepy when I was tired. I think. Either I was a sleepy beepy, or I was just sleepy and my nickname was beepy. Anyway, I’ve been tired all day. Last night, I had dinner and my favorite frozen yogurt from Yoforia with Erin. Afterwards, I promptly fell asleep at 11. This morning, I woke up at 8, then went back to sleep until noon. So, I probably slept for a good 12 hours. Sometimes I don’t know if there is something actually wrong with me or I’m just catching up on lost sleep or I’m just lazy.

My ankle feels better but there is still a tiny bit of a twinge so I skipped the running today. I haven’t run in two weeks because of this dumb ankle injury. I did 45 minutes on the arc trainer instead. My neck has also been really stiff. I think I must have slept very strangely because for the past three days, it hurts to turn to the left. This makes driving really fun, let me tell ya.

I need to go to the grocery store super badly. I want to actual make some recipes this week. Because I am weird and get overwhelmed looking at the recipes that I’ve compiled on my computer, I tend to make them in alphabetical order. So on tap is. African Sweet Potato Stew.


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