Runner’s guilt

I haven’t run for two weeks. It wasn’t intentional. I ran the half marathon on a Sunday and then went to DC the following Wednesday. I had intended to run there but I sprained my ankle. It’s better now and although it’s a tiny bit twingy, I was going to run after work tonight. Except that it’s like 30 degrees out. Umm, yeah, it’s the middle of April and did I mention that I live in Georgia? So I’m sitting here feeling all guilty wondering if I should go to the gym later to run on the treadmill. The obvious answer would be yes if you didn’t know that I already went to the gym to lift weights during lunch.

Argh. I’m giving myself an hour to decide.

I bought some Uncle Sam Vanilla Oatmeal the other day and I don’t really like it. It is supposed to have soymilk in it, I guess powdered, but it just tastes fakey. I’ll eat it though. I’m kind of confused about instant oatmeal. When you look at the ingredients, it says Whole Grain Oats. So is this the same or different from the slow cooking, explode all over the work microwave type?

I basically had the exact same thing for lunch and dinner – stew (which I am aware looks rather disgusting, but I swear it’s good) and salad with goat cheese.


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