Mission: Healthy Pizza

So, I figured out that if I use a whole wheat crust, a jar of TJ’s marinara sauce and a half bag of light cheese, a pizza will come out to be 1665 calories for the whole thing. So that’s approximately 416 cals for two slices. That’s a lot. I am not good at only eating two slices. How can I make this pizza better? Less cheese? Mix with fat free cheese? More veggies? The only reason I don’t have any listed is that I don’t have any at home. Ooh, maybe we could only use half the dough and make the pizza really thin crusted. Then I could have half a pizza for the same amount of cals. I’m a smarty pants. (Until I burn the crust because it’s too thin).


I’m also fighting the urge to go out and have a glass of wine. I know that I’ll feel like doo in the morning if I do. What I need to do is get off the computer and go for a run. I’m so sick of my running routes. Half of them are on shady streets and the other half, they’re alright, just old.


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