Internet iffyness, bad smells and a good snack

I can home tonight to a horrible smell. I guess it was from the mound of dishes pilling up in my sink. Old kale, fish residue and parts of an omlette do not a good smell make. The first thing that I thought when I walked in the door was, “This smells like shit.” which led to the Outkast song, “Roses” to be stuck in my head. “You know you like to think that your shit don’t stink…”

My internet is pissing me off. A couple days ago the modem wasn’t working. I had a call with Comcast that got nowhere and ended with them telling me to exchange the modem. I was all set to haul up to Marietta but then it started working again. So, now my router is acting up. I reset it and all seems well…for now.

So normally when I’m not distracted by a hideous odor when I walk in the door, the first thing that I think about is how hungry I am. I have never been one of those people that could wait to eat. It’s like home = dinner. It’s kind of a pain because most people eat later. I can’t tell you how many dinner invitations that I’ve turned down because I’ve already eaten. It also leads to late night snacking. Today, however, was different. For some reason, I’m not hungry. I think it’s because I had the perfect snack. 1 container Nonfat greek yogurt mixed with some blueberries and some walnut pieces. The perfect combo of carbs, protein and fat. I’ll have to try this combo again. Too bad the Fage is so damn expensive. I need to make a trip to TJ’s for their generic version.

I slacked big time last night. I was all like, “I’m going for a run,” which turned into, “It’s too hot, I’ll just rest for a half an hour and then run, which turned into, “Fuck, I slept for an hour and a half and now it’s dark out and I can’t go to the gym because I’ll miss the Real World.” Slackah.


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