Another Peachtree

This is the third year in a row that I’ve done the Peachtree, a race that’s an Atlanta tradition on the fourth of July.  For those that don’t know*, the Peachtree is the biggest 10K in the world with 55,000 people running it.  Back in March, an application comes out in the newspaper one day and you pretty much have to buy the paper and send it in that day.  No online registration, no waiting until the last moment and even then, you might not get a number.  Jason and I did get in this year, albeit our numbers sucked.  We were in the last time group, number 9. 

We got to Lenox, the starting area around 7:30, when the race began.  Our time group seriously didn’t cross the start line until 9 am!  That is an hour and a half of doing nothing with a bunch of other people who are doing nothing.  

When we finally crossed the start line, we had to weave in and out of a bunch of walkers.  We finally got to a point where we could jog and not have to be slowed down.  We ran into some friends and then raced past them.  We ran for two miles.  At Mile 2, we began to do a walk/run combination which lasted for the entire race.   It worked out fine that way.  Jason had never run this far so he was happy and I knew that I wasn’t going to PR so I didn’t mind.  They changed the course this year because of the drought.  Normally it ends in Piedmont Park.  That’s nice because you know that when you turn left on 10th Street, the rest of the rae is downhill.  Not so anymore.  This year it ended on Juniper which is uphill.  Not a bad incline but an incline nonetheless.  Anyway, we made it, running for the last mile or so.  I think our finish time was somewhere in the hour and a half range which is fine considering how much we walked.

And then we napped.

*I kid myself in thinking that more than 3 people actually read my blog.


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