Sunday Blahs

I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.  I should feel refreshed and rejuvenated since I’ve had three and a half days off but I don’t.  I would consider a career as a lady who lunches.  Seriously.

So, despite my blah day, I actually got a lot accomplished.  I decided to do some clothes shopping and went to the new H&M in Atlantic Station.  H&M definitely has the power to wreck my self confidence when my “normal” size is way too small, but today the things I tried on, just shirts, fit fine.  I found a good work sweater at Banana, on sale and a super cute dress at Ann Taylor loft.  

After my shopping spree, I went to the gym and did some lower body and ab stuff.  I didn’t challenge myself quite as much as I probably should have.  I was hungry and wanted to get it over with.  I did:

Step Ups

Leg Raises

Squats on the Smith Machine

Side to side ab things with a medicine ball

Another ab exercise that I don’t know the name of

Calf Raises

Squats with a weight for the inner thighs

Lunges to the door and then I left.

I made roasted salmon and veggies for dinner.   I burned myself on the pan though.  Kinda stings.  I wonder if it’ll leave a scar.


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