Bum tum

I was going to stop at Kroger after the gym and get some dishwasher detergent and maybe some fruit or something, but I had rush home and run to the bathroom.

Let me back up.  (Haha, no pun intended)

I did a mile and a half of intervals on the treadmill.  I was going to do three miles but my stomach started gurgling.  It hurt a little bit earlier but I ignored it.  So instead of having everything rumbling around, I thought that I’d do something less bouncy and went to the Arc Trainer.  I did 20 minutes but by the end, I had bad heartburn.  

I finished out my twenty minutes and rushed home.  I know it’s from the sugar free hot chocolate that I had earlier (and oops, didn’t add it to my food pass/fail list) and also a cup of tea with Splenda.  Sugar-free kills my stomach and I still continue to eat it.  I’ve cut way down, but it’s sort of this messed up mentality that I have.  I’d rather subject myself to bad stomach cramps than to eat something with more calories, I guess.  F’d up, I know.  

In other news, Jason just sent me some pictures from the Peachtree.  First of all, why are race pictures always so unflattering?  Every single picture that I’ve seen of myself in a race, I look fat. This not being an exception and addition to that, my tongue is sticking out of my mouth like a dog.  

I didn’t mean for this to be such a self-deprecating post.


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