Pass Fail and some tunes

In the interest of looking as good as I possibly can for the cruise that Jason and I are going on in two months, I have implemented some rules that I am going to try to follow.  

1.  No foods with more than 10 grams of added sugar.  Fruit, milk and dairy sugars are fine.

2.  No fake sugar (aside from the ocassional (how the F do you spell this?) diet coke). * Fake sugars give me tummy troubles.

3.  No HFCS or trans-fats.

4.  Try to eat fruit and/or veggie with every meal.

5.  Limit my alcohol intake. 

6.  Try to limit refined flours.

Of course, my dinner consisted of NO vegetables.  Unless salsa counts.  Does it?  I don’t have anything in my house and was starving when I got home so I made the only thing I could think of refried bean and salsa burritos.  Let’s see if the rest of my meals passed the test.

Breakfast – oats made with water, 1/2 banana and pumpkin.  PASS

Lunch – Half of a leftover veggie delight sub with a boca burger added; sugar free pudding mixed with pumpkin; other half of banana.  FAIL.  Bread is unrefined and pudding has splenda.

Snack – Blueberries. PASS

Dinner – 2 spelt tortillas filled with fat free spicy refried beans and salsa; hungry girl muffin.  HAL PASS HALF FAIL.  No veggies unless you count the salsa.  Oh, actually the muffin had blueberries and peaches in it.

Dessert – Weight Watchers Cookies and Cream bar.  FAIL.  Too much sugar.

Snacky – Nuts.  PASS

*  Parentheses are my absolute favorite form of punctuation and I use them a lot.  I can honestly say, however, this is the first time that I can remember using a parenthesis inside of a parenthesis.  

Oh and if anyone cares, here’s the setlist from the DMB show that I went to last night.

So Damn Lucky*
Jimi Thing*
Seek Up*
Old Dirt Hill*
Corn Bread*
You Might Die Trying*
Out Of My Hands+
Eh Hee *
So Much To Say*
Anyone Seen The Bridge*
Too Much*
Tripping Billies*

We Want Roi We want Roi
Crash Into Me
Ants Marching*


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