That’ll do it

I went out last night to this restaurant, Zaya.  I had all intentions of drinking water with my meal.   When I met Erin, she wanted a drink, so, I decided that I’d have one. They were having some special where they had dollar Ketel One drinks.  I mean, a dollar?  You can’t pass that up.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the bartender made us each an extra by mistake.  This is leading somewhere, I promise.

 So I chose a pretty healthy meal – spinach and lentil soup and a small salad.  I had some pita bread with some sort of spread that was complimentary but I didn’t eat that much of it.  So, after drinking two drinks and getting slightly toasted, we decided to go up the street to a P’Cheen.  We had a glass of wine which somehow turned into two glasses of wine.  

I was home by ten and that’s where the trouble started.  I guess that the combination of alcohol plus eating a pretty small dinner led to me raiding the cabinets.   Dinner number two consisted of some almonds, a fig newton bar and a bunch of triscuits.  

I was doing so well until then.  Alcohol’l do it to you, I guess.


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