Little Victories

1.  Got a workout in everyday this week so far.

2.  Went to a Mexican restaurant and did not order a margarita nor did I order any type of alcohol.

3.  Cooked healthy meals for myself and Jason.

4.  Got offered some freelance design work.

5.  Got my economic stimulus check finally. 

6.  Got CS3 at work.

All in all, a good week despite some stressful days at work.  

A girl that I work with, Lisa, told me one how she and her husband go to this track and run.  The track is about a mile from my apartment.  I decided that I would run there, run a mile around the track and run home.  So, I get to the track and what do you know?  It’s all padlocked with No Trespassing signs up and stuff.  How did she run there?  I wonder if it’s open to the public on weekends or something.  I’ll have to ask her tomorrow.  So, instead of doing what I set out to do, I did some weird mix of walking, jogging and sprinting.


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