Boring post

Whenever I take a spinning class, my shoulders get sore. Is this normal? Leaning over the bike is really not comfortable. I have tried a bunch of different hand positions and it just doesn’t feel right. I guess my shoulders and arms need a workout too. So, yeah, went to a spinning class tonight. I have been to enough to know which teachers I like and dislike. I like the Wednesday one the best. The same guy teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays and he’s okay. The Monday one is sort of different. He doesn’t have you do hills or sprints but has you doing a lot of jumps and hovers and pushups on the handlebars. I hate the Friday teacher.

I only stayed at spin for 45 minutes though because I had to meet my friend Emily. She is a financial advisor and said she would help me with my 401K forms. I met her at The Highlander which was just featured on that Food Network show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I tried to be healthy, for bar food, and I ordered a bowl of black bean soup and a small salad with ranch dressing on the side, no croutons. I had two light beers. Emily had three. I just haven’t really been feeling like drinking beer lately. I suppose that’s good.


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