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Does moving count as a workout?

I’ve been packing up and moving stuff for three hours.  My old apartment still looks pretty lived in.  Ugh.



A co-worker of mine, Amy, goes to a bootcamp class every morning. I had expressed some interest in going, so on Wednesday, which was bring a friend day, she invited me along. I set my alarm for 5:20 am and managed to actually get up when it went off. The bootcamp was in Piedmont Park. I got there at 5:45 and it was still dark out. It had rained pretty hard on Tuesday, I’m talking heavy downpour, and although it had basically stopped by Wednesday morning, the ground was soaked. The class started around 6 am. There were several instructors and they would have us jog to an area of the park, then do some sort of workout, then get up and jog to a different area, do a workout there, etc. I went into it thinking that it couldn’t be that hard, I mean, I’d run a marathon and all. (Even if that was 2 years ago!) Umm, I was wrong. It kicked my ass. There were some exercises that I couldn’t even do. At the end of the class, the last thing we had to do was run up and down a hill five times. I was dead last. All in all, it was pretty awesome.

The problem is that it’s $350. $350 that I don’t have for a bootcamp. Maybe if I really needed to get in shape for something important, I would save up, but now, I just can’t. Damn, cause I would have a rockin’ body if I could.

I can has a pizza

On Saturday night, Jason and I drove up to Alpharetta to go see Stone Temple Pilots. Beforehand, we ate dinner at Bahama Breeze. I had a veggie cuban sandwich with some fruit. I also had two mojitos. The concert was surprisingly good. We ran into a friend of Jason that had pretty good lawn seats. Scott Weiland seemed coherent. At least enough to sing the songs. We were surprised at how many songs we knew. After the concert, I didn’t want to go home yet. After sitting in parking lot traffic for half an hour, we drove back in town and met some friends at The Local. After several drinks at The Local, we went back to my friend Andrew’s house and I demanded pizza. Since it was pretty late at that time and no one would deliver, Jason and Andrew went to Kroger and picked up two pizzas. When they got back, Jason promptly fell asleep and I devoured the entire pizza. All 1500 calories of it! I blame being drunk but also trying not to eat much during the week. I think I was just plain hungry. I guess when I have a cheat meal, I really have a cheat meal.

It rained all day, but…



Pic courtesy of my friend Emily

The illusive track

There is a school that I drive by all the time and it has a football stadium with a track.  I always see people jogging there.  One of my co-workers talks about going there all the time with her husband.  So, a few weeks ago, I decided that I would run there.  Except I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to get in.  All of the gates were padlocked.  I chalked it up to it being too late and went home.  Today, I decided to try again.  The school is about a mile from my house, so I walked/ran there.  My co-worker told me to go in by the tennis courts.  I found them, and went down some stairs that appeared to lead to the track.  But it was still locked.  I couldn’t figure it out.  There were people running on the track, there had to be a way in!  So I walked around the outskirts of the fence, trying to figure it out.  I just about gave up and started to go back to the parking lot when I saw a man walking to his car who had obviously been running.  I asked him how to get inside the fence.  He said that normally it was unlocked, but that today it wasn’t so you had to slip through this gap in the fence.  My co-worker had actually mentioned something about that, but if the man hadn’t showed me, I never would have found it.

So I finally go inside and did a mile around the track.  I sprinted the long part and walked the corners.  Then I climbed up and down the stadium stairs twice.  This was so much harder than it looked!  I kind of felt like I was going to puke.  I think I’m going to make it a goal to be able to do it 10 times.  It was getting sort of late and threatening to rain, so I just walked home again.  It doesn’t really sound like much but it was a good workout and very different from what I normally do.


I had lunch today at Pappadeaux. It was a co-worker’s wedding shower and the whole office had a private room there. I’d never been before, but heard good things. It’s a seafood restaurant so I thought I’d be pretty happy with the choices. Happy as a clam, in fact. Not so. Practically everything on the menu was fried. Several appetizers were ordered for the table – all fried. I didn’t touch it. Everyone was drinking and I wanted to as well, so I split a glass of pinot noir with a co-worker. I picked the seafood mixed grill and got broccoli instead of dirty rice. I really should have asked if they could have cooked it without butter or oil or whatever it was in, because it was definitely on the greasy side. The portions were huge. It just wasn’t that great. I ate all of the broccoli, which was steamed, and about 1/4 of the rest of the meal.

The service wasn’t great and the restaurant just left a bad taste in my mouth. Literally.

I like comments, people, and salmon

I know a few people are reading this, I get like 20 hits a day. So, leave a comment. Introduce yourself.

I’ve eaten really well all week and done well with my workouts. I went to a spin class last night. It was pretty good. I kept feeling like the seat wasn’t right though. I pushed it somewhat forward so my arms wouldn’t have to strain to reach the handlebars but then I sort of felt like I was falling off the bike. I’m glad I didn’t. That would be something that happens to me though, falling off a spin bike. Anyway, I did it for an hour. Calorieking said that this burns 800 something calories but I don’t think that’s true.

I made a simple pasta salad for dinner that was pretty good. It was whole wheat egg noodles, a can of salmon, some grape tomatoes, some mushrooms and some cucumbers with Ken’s Light Caesar dressing.

Salmon Caesar Pasta Salad

Salmon Caesar Pasta Salad

I’m kind of proud of myself for coming up with something different.

I’m trying to figure out which meal this weekend will be my cheat meal. I have several opportunities. First, there is a wedding shower for a co-worker at Pappadeaux. There is potential to eat healthy here but I’m not sure if they’ll have us choose from the normal menu or a special bigger party one. Then tomorrow night, there is the possibility of having a drink with my friend Danny. I count going out drinking as a cheat meal even if there isn’t an actual meal involved. If none of these things happen, then I might as well have a beer at the Stone Temple Pilots concert on Saturday night. Jason won free tickets! Brings me right back to 1995.

Stepping it up a notch

So, for all the bitching that I’ve been doing for the past year about losing weight, I haven’t really done all that much to do so.  I mean, sure I eat healthy food most of the time and I exercise but obviously, it’s not enough.  Something clicked the other day.  I think it was seeing my backside in the mirror at Target in shorts that were way too tight.  If I want to lose 10-15 pounds, I need to do more.  So I decided to start keeping a food journal and write down what exactly I’m eating.  I do eat well, but I am a big snacker.  A handful of cereal here, a bowl of ice cream (even if it is fat free) there.  It all adds up.  This is my way of holding myself accountable.  I think it’s working.  On Monday, I was tempted to eat a tortilla on my way home from work.  I knew we were having burritos for dinner and I didn’t want to have to write down that I’d eaten two tortillas.  So I didn’t eat it.  I’ve been making actual dinners and waiting to eat them as opposed to having a snack to “tide me over”.  Sure, this has only been going on for two days, but I feel like if I can keep it up, the number on the scale will go down and my clothes will fit again.  I’m going to allow myself a cheat meal once a week because I still want to be able to go out with friends and everything and we usually meet up at bars.   My goal is to lose 5-10 pounds before the cruise in a month.