America’s Most Hated Foods

I just saw an interesting slideshow on America’s Most Hated Foods so I decided to see if I agree.

#20 – Blueberries. This one surprised me. I love, love, love blueberries. I think they’re one of my favorite fruits.
#19 – Maple Syrup. Going to school in Vermont, we always had pure maple syrup in the cafeteria. Though I didn’t hate it, I preferred Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth instead. I went through a brief sugar-free syrup phase but that bothered my stomach too much.
#18 – Cilantro. Whenever I hear about cilantro, I think about my friend Margaret. She hates the stuff. According to this article, some people think it tastes like soap. Maybe she’s one of those people. Anyway, for a while, I couldn’t even figure out what it tasted like, much less if it was in my food. Then I bought these little cilantro frozen thingys (sorry Margaret) from Trader Joe’s and started putting them in stuff. Plus, I think my favorite green salsa from Willy’s has a lot in it.
#17 – Onions. I didn’t realize that I liked raw onions until couple years ago. I always took them off of sandwiches for some reason. I’ve always enjoyed them cooked.
#16 – Cooked Carrots. Agreed! I don’t like them at all. It seems like every single frozen vegetable medley has them in it too. I spend a lot of time in the freezer section of the grocery store looking for a medley without carrots.
#15 – Raisins. Don’t like them either.
#14 – Peas. Not a fan. My mom eats ’em straight from the pod all the time. You know what really grosses me out, peas and pearl onion mixtures.
#13 – Oysters. Now I’m a fan of raw fish. I love sushi. I don’t like oysters. The only time that I’ve ever had them raw, there was a lot of cocktail sauce on them. I don’t like cocktail sauce so that’s what they remind me of. But I’ve had them fried and still didn’t like them.
#12 – Pea Soup. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had this before. It seems to have bacon and ham in it quite a bit.
#11 – Sour Cream. I like it as a base for onion dip. I don’t like it by itself.
#10 – Gelatin. I like this. I try not to think about what exactly it is that I’m eating though. I remember as a kid going to my Aunt and Uncle’s for Thanksgiving, there was always a Jello mold. All the kids were grossed out by it, but I secretly liked it.
#9 – Tuna. I have always been a huge fan. Always.
#8 – Brussels Sprouts. Honestly, not sure if I’ve had them in like 20 years or so. I don’t remember liking them as a kid. (Brussels? It’s plural? I thought it was Brussel Sprouts.)
#7 – Beets. Eh, not so much.
#6 – Okra. I’ve only tasted fried okra a handful of times since moving to the South and thought it was okay. I’ve heard that it stinks when you cook it though and I’ve never had it not fried.
#5 – Eggs. I like eggs.
#4- Mushrooms. I like two kinds of mushrooms and that’s it. White and portobello. Other than that, blech. Maybe this is why I never tried that other kind of mushrooms in college.
#3 – Mayo. Puke.
#2 – Lima Beans. I wouldn’t make myself a bowl of them, but I like them in soup.
#1 – Liver. Never had it. But it’s a liver. Nuff said.


3 responses to “America’s Most Hated Foods

  1. 1. I feed to dogs, 2. I love lima beans, 3. I eat mayo on sandwiches, 4. LOVE Mushrooms on pizza, 5. Love eggs, 6. LOVE Okra – fried, boiled, in creole, in soup, YUM YUM YUM, 7. Hate beets, hate smell, hate all, 8. i can’t even stand to smell them cook, 9. Tuna is good in spurts, 10. Meh, I”m in different, 11. LOVE sour cream, will eat out of container, 12. NO NO NO. I got really sick in college once (105 temp) and my landlord decided Split Pea & Ham Soup was the key to speedy recovery. I ate one bowl, packed a bowl, and drove 3 hours home to lay on my parents couch with chicken and stars, oysters, fried, raw, steamed, yum yum yum, 14.Love peas (just not in soup!) 15. Raisins are yummy, esp. in trail mix. 16., I don’t like carrots ANY way – cooked, raw, in soup, etc etc etc. 17. ONIONS! I could eat raw. 18. ? I’ve had. I’m indifferent. Not sure it qualifies as top 20 hated food. 19. Maple Syrup? It’s not a food. It’s a condiment. ? Love it though, especially warm. 20. Blueberries!? Blueberries? Who could hate those loveable round balls of blue-goodieness. ESPECIALLY if they’re baked into a muffin!

  2. the only ones on here that i don’t like are liver, cilantro (UGH! GAG REFLEX!), and gelatin (have never liked the texture of jello — makes my mouth feel weird!).

    i love love LOVE blueberries, maple syrup, beets, mushrooms, sour cream, and eggs.

  3. oh and i love raisins too 🙂