Missing instructor, missing AC, added spinach

I got to the gym tonight for the 6:45 spin class and after about five minutes, another instructor came into the room and said that there wouldn’t be an instructor tonight. Apparently, the normal instructor quit and they didn’t find a replacement in time. The instructor who came in said that she would teach it except she just taught two classes in a row and couldn’t do it. I didn’t have my Ipod with me and the gym’s air conditioning was out, so I decided to do a full body workout. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I tried to do deeper squats with no weight. There is some muscle deep in there (there being my butt) that isn’t strong. If I squat all the way down, it’s hard for me to stand up. I don’t think it’s my quads or hamstrings, but rather my glutes. This is just speculation; I don’t really know. But whatever the inferior muscle is, I’m trying to strengthen it.

I’ve been getting more and more into cooking lately. I was reading a great blog, Casual Kitchen which has some really good cooking tips. One of which is to make a recipe the way it’s written before trying to make any modifications. I always break this rule and try to healthify my food. It never tastes good. So tonight, I tried to make the the chosen recipe pretty much exactly by the book. Or rather by the website.

Polenta Pesto Lasagna

Polenta Pesto Lasagna

Okay, I lied, I made the Pesto Polenta Lasagna and added spinach and used a tad less bit cheese.

And it was awesome. Really, really good. The only beef that I have with the recipe is that I didn’t feel like it made eight servings. Probably more like four. The nutritionals are decent enough that even if one of “my” servings is really two, it’s still pretty healthy.

Project Runway’s on. Holla at ya boy.


One response to “Missing instructor, missing AC, added spinach

  1. Hi there! Glad to see you found my “how to modify a recipe” series of posts. I definitely encourage people to do a recipe one time “by the book” first, so you know exactly how the dish is supposed to come out. Once you know that, you’ll be in a much better position to make good modifications.

    Thanks so much for the positive vibes!

    Casual Kitchen