5 Mile Tempo

I’m doing a much better job sticking to my training plan this week. I had a 5 mile tempo run on Wednesday. Jason’s apartment has a really nice gym. Each of the cardio machines has it’s own tv. Since I keep forgetting to charge my Ipod, I decided that it would be a good idea to watch Project Runway while I ran. I did the warm up mile really slowly – 5.0. Then I did the three tempo miles at 6.0. Honestly, it was pretty hard. I’m trying not to get down on myself for getting out of running shape but there is still that part of me that gets upset because what is now hard used to be easy. I keep telling myself that it’ll get easy again, I just have to stick with it. I pushed through though and did the last cool down mile at 5.5.

I went to a work happy hour last night. I don’t think I did too much damage. We went to a bar near my office. I ate some hummus with pita and veggies and 1 fried shrimp. I should have probably gone home after that, but some people wanted to go to some new bar in Buckhead. I had two drinks at the second bar and went home. I was starving when I got home and ate a sandwich. Really not bad for beer induced munchies.


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