Stress rears it’s ugly head

I was slammed with work yesterday and it definitely affected my mood. I had to stay about an hour late waiting for a file, which never came. So, now I have to come in an hour early and I have the suspicion that the file still isn’t going to be there. I had bad heartburn last night. That used to happen to me a lot when I worked for the print shop where no one knew what they were doing. Stress affects my stomach.

Speaking of stomachs, I am getting completely dedicated to losing 10 pounds before our cruise in a month. I did really well yesterday. I ate pretty much normal foods, but definitely watched my portions and paid attention to whether or not I was actually hungry or bored (or stressed). For dinner, Jason and I had burritos on a La Tortilla 80 calorie wrap. We also made Vegan Queso. It really did taste a lot like cheese and I happened to have all the ingredients in my apartment.

Running has been going pretty well. I did 7 miles on Saturday. Unfortunately, I waited until about 11:30 to do it and the last two miles of the run were pretty painful because I was running in an area with no shade and I was hot and thirsty. Yesterday I did a 2 mile easy run on the treadmill after work.


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