I like comments, people, and salmon

I know a few people are reading this, I get like 20 hits a day. So, leave a comment. Introduce yourself.

I’ve eaten really well all week and done well with my workouts. I went to a spin class last night. It was pretty good. I kept feeling like the seat wasn’t right though. I pushed it somewhat forward so my arms wouldn’t have to strain to reach the handlebars but then I sort of felt like I was falling off the bike. I’m glad I didn’t. That would be something that happens to me though, falling off a spin bike. Anyway, I did it for an hour. Calorieking said that this burns 800 something calories but I don’t think that’s true.

I made a simple pasta salad for dinner that was pretty good. It was whole wheat egg noodles, a can of salmon, some grape tomatoes, some mushrooms and some cucumbers with Ken’s Light Caesar dressing.

Salmon Caesar Pasta Salad

Salmon Caesar Pasta Salad

I’m kind of proud of myself for coming up with something different.

I’m trying to figure out which meal this weekend will be my cheat meal. I have several opportunities. First, there is a wedding shower for a co-worker at Pappadeaux. There is potential to eat healthy here but I’m not sure if they’ll have us choose from the normal menu or a special bigger party one. Then tomorrow night, there is the possibility of having a drink with my friend Danny. I count going out drinking as a cheat meal even if there isn’t an actual meal involved. If none of these things happen, then I might as well have a beer at the Stone Temple Pilots concert on Saturday night. Jason won free tickets! Brings me right back to 1995.


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