I can has a pizza

On Saturday night, Jason and I drove up to Alpharetta to go see Stone Temple Pilots. Beforehand, we ate dinner at Bahama Breeze. I had a veggie cuban sandwich with some fruit. I also had two mojitos. The concert was surprisingly good. We ran into a friend of Jason that had pretty good lawn seats. Scott Weiland seemed coherent. At least enough to sing the songs. We were surprised at how many songs we knew. After the concert, I didn’t want to go home yet. After sitting in parking lot traffic for half an hour, we drove back in town and met some friends at The Local. After several drinks at The Local, we went back to my friend Andrew’s house and I demanded pizza. Since it was pretty late at that time and no one would deliver, Jason and Andrew went to Kroger and picked up two pizzas. When they got back, Jason promptly fell asleep and I devoured the entire pizza. All 1500 calories of it! I blame being drunk but also trying not to eat much during the week. I think I was just plain hungry. I guess when I have a cheat meal, I really have a cheat meal.

It rained all day, but…



Pic courtesy of my friend Emily


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