Sticking to it

It’s day 5 of the SBD and I’ve managed to stick to it extremely well. Tonight was a challenge. I had a kickball game. My friend Joan wanted me to come out to the bar afterwards so I went. Despite the millions of pitchers floating around our team’s table, I stuck to diet coke. That part wasn’t too hard but as people started to get more and more tipsy, I started to get bored. Being the only sober one in a group full of drunks isn’t fun. I’m proud of myself for not drinking but I don’t want to get to the point where this diet interferes with my social life. I know that I should be able to go out and not drink, but it’s not fun when everyone else is. And besides going out to bars, I don’t really know what else to do. That’s what all my friends do for fun. I left the bar after about an hour. I needed to get dinner anyway. I stopped at Kroger and got the ingredients to make “The Usual.” “The Usual” is something that I ate all the time even before the diet, but happens to be SBD phase 1 friendly. It’s basically some sort of combination of veggies, sometimes beans, sometimes fake meat, salsa and cottage cheese. Sounds gross, but I love it.

The Usual

The Usual

Today’s eating has been weird. I had some canned salmon for lunch and then went down to the little cafe in my building to grab a snack for later. There was basically nothing that I could eat. I did get an egg from the salad bar and some cucumber slices, which later turned out to be not very good. I ended up eating the egg, 1/3 of an avocado and later some pb from the jar. Oops.

I’m getting sick of eating fish. We had salmon again last night. Maybe I need to cook it a different way or get another kind of fish or just stop eating fish all together. It’s just not that appealing anymore. We had broiled tomatoes with the salmon which were kind of lackluster in flavor, but they photographed nicely.


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