My attempt at Indian Food

I was feeling adventurous tonight and decided to cook something new – Indian food!  Here’s what I had:

I used Happy Herbivore’s recipe for Red Lentil Dal and Saag. I made a few modifications. For the lentils, I used brown lentils instead of red and forgot to put in the garam masala at the end. For the saag, I didn’t use ginger and again forgot the garam masala. I also didn’t puree it at the end. I liked the lentils more than the saag. I mixed both with cottage cheese and that tasted good. I also marinated tofu in curry powder, soy sauce and coconut milk and then baked it for about 25 minutes at 375. I didn’t care so much for the flavor of the marinade but I liked that the tofu got sort of cripsy. Normally I saute or stir-fry tofu and it’s always mushy and doesn’t brown.


2 responses to “My attempt at Indian Food

  1. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at Indian food. You might have made me feel brave enough … maybe!

  2. I was scared too!