The Case of the Missing Sports Bras

You know how socks get eaten by the washing machine sometimes?  Well, apparently, in my new house, so do sports bras.  I cannot seem to find most of my bras.  I am debating either going to the gym using a regular one, which I will probably do since I’m not doing cardio today, or wearing a dirty one.  Seriously though, where have all my bras gone?  I guess it probably is time for some new ones anyway.  I have had some of them since college and I graduated eight years ago!

I’m normally a fan of Kashi products in general.  I got a free cookie in the mail yesterday that I didn’t like so much and now today, a big disappointment.  Or rather, a LITTLE disappointment.  I bought 

and although the box was small, I wasn’t expecting the sandwich to be so tiny!  It was about the size of my palm.  It was good, but too small and I felt it was too caloric for the size.  

I’m attempting to make Indian food tonight for dinner.  We shall see how that goes.


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