An executive decision that I’m not proud of

I am not going to do the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon on November 16th.  I signed up a long time ago and for whatever reason, moving, vacation, pure laziness, I haven’t trained for it.  I know that I can’t just jump into a training plan with a month to go.  I have been running still, but not really longer than 4 miles at a time.  I’m pissed off at myself but I think I would be even more mad if I tried to do it and got a shitty time.  So, what I have decided to do is switch to the 5K instead.  I wish they had a 10K, but they don’t.  I’m just going to let this be a lesson to myself.  A lesson that if I shell out the money, I need to commit myself.   I just hope I can rock that 5K.  

I’ve never backed out of a race before.  I’ve always pushed myself to train.  I’m not sure why this time was different and it feels horrible.


2 responses to “An executive decision that I’m not proud of

  1. You’re better than me — running a 1/2 untrained is how I suffered through ING in 2006. Maybe we’ll still run into each other.

  2. don’t feel bad! you can always pick a race in the future 🙂 the nice thing about races is that there are always more!