Testing 1, 2, 3

Since it was time for my annual doctor’s appointment anyway, I decided to get my thyroid levels tested.  I have looked at the symptoms and there are some that I have and some that I don’t.   The symptoms that I definitely exhibit are weight gain, fatigue and sensitivity to cold.  My mom had her thyroid tested a few years ago and it was low but not low enough to warrant being on medication for hypothyroidism.  I know it’s hereditary and it does run in my family so I figured I might as well get checked for it.  The doctor also is going to check for anemia.  She confirmed that I have gained 9 pounds in the past two years.  She said that if it wasn’t my thyroid, then we would experiment with a different AD or maybe stopping the pill for a while and seeing if that makes a difference.  Also, unbeknownst to me, I have cystic breasts.

Aside from whatever is making it TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to lose 9 pounds, there’s also this:

Yes, this is our breakroom table and all of this stuff was on it this morning.  Apparently, someone knows someone that works at Publix and he gives her all these baked goods for free.  Fortunately, stuff like this is pretty easy for me to pass up.  It might not look like that much, but keep in mind that our office is only about 25 people.

There is a sushi restaurant within walking distance to our house.  They have dollar sushi on Mondays and Tuesdays.  We somehow still managed to spend $40.  Granted, the rolls were 2 dollars for four rolls.  I also had a cup of miso soup and Jason had two beers.

We had double this amount:

I didn’t keep track of how many I ate, but whatever, it’s sushi.  I didn’t eat anything fried or with mayo.  Nor did I have any alcohol.


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