Too Much

“I eat too much.  I drink too much.  Too much.”

That pretty much sums up the weekend for me.  Actually, I didn’t really eat too much.  I started out Saturday morning by doing my “Reverse Emory Run.”  The problem with this route is that the beginning part is on a pretty main, albeit only 2 lane, road that has no sidewalks.  I just walked on the grass during that part.  After a while, the sidewalk appears and it’s a nice route to Emory University and back to my house.  The end of this route is a long downhill.  This is why it’s the reverse route, if I did it the other way, it’s a huge uphill.  The weather outside was pretty perfect.  In the mid 60s and clear.  The run was about 3.5-4 miles. 

After getting home, eating and showering, we got ready to go to the Little Five Halloween parade.  Highlights from the parade:

After the parade ended, we walked around a little bit and decided to go to Zaya for dinner.  At Zaya, we tried to order some hummus appetizers but were told that they were out of hummus for 15 minutes.  So we got falafel instead.  I ate 1 falafel ball.  For my entree, I ordered the veggie platter.  I got hummus (which I guess was in stock again), spinach and lentil soup, spinach and yogurt sauce.  I also ate a few of my friend’s fries and some pita.  We got a bottle of wine and didn’t finish it, so we took it home.  Apparently, that’s a new law in Atlanta, you can take your unfinished bottle of wine home.

I probably should have called it quits then, but instead, we had everyone over to our place for a bit.  After that, we decided to go dancing.  I had a good time, but definitely did enough partying for the whole month.  No more drinking for a while.  I need to detox!

As you can tell in this picture, it was definitely time to go home at this point!


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