Do not pass go, do not collect $200

I used to be able to go home after work, chill out for a bit and then motivate myself to go to the gym.  Somehow, I’ve lost this ability.  Now, if I don’t go straight from work, or go home and immediately change my clothes and go, I lose all motivation.  Last night, I was going to go to a spin class at 6:45.  I was almost home when one of my friends called me.  She had been in a car accident.  She was okay but her car was not.  Fortunately, I was only about 5 minutes away so I was able to go get her and take her home.   I got home at about 7.  Still plenty of time to go to the gym, I know.  But somehow, the night just got away from me.   I made dinner and then got sleepy.  I ended up going to be really early.  

So today, I packed my gym bag.  I’m going straight after work.  For real now!


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