Don’t quit your day job

Jason went to visit his parents for a few days so I thought it’d be nice to surprise him with a clean house when he got home.  My clean clothes have taken over one of the couches and my shoes are everywhere.  Being very ambitious, I went to Target to get some cleaning supplies.  Namely a swiffer.  Because I lost mine.  Yeah, who loses a swiffer?  Me.  I guess when we moved, it might have gotten trashed.  Don’t even do the math there.  So, anyway, I go to Target and guess what they don’t have?  Swiffers.  So I bought some mascara instead.  Cause you know?  The cleaning aisle and the makeup aisle are all kind of near each other.  So is the clothes section but I held some restraint.  Okay fine, they didn’t have anything that I liked.

I stopped at Kroger after Target to see if they had swiffers.  They did but the $20 price tag made me want to look a little bit harder for the one that I owned.  Sorry honey.  I did clean the toilets though.  And I have new mascara.


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