How much is that doggie in the window?

I went to an Adopt a Golden event today. My friend Joan has a friend, Melissa, that volunteers for them so the three of us went. I saw the perfect dog. The problem is, Jason thinks he is too old. He is 5. I think that is fine. He’s out of the hyper puppy stage but still has plenty of years left in him. I wish Jason had gone to the event with me so he could have seen how awesome this dog is. (Yes, I am totally writing knowing he’ll read it!)

I want this dog.

In other news, I cannot seem to stay away from the kitchen tonight. I forgot to eat lunch so when I got home, I was really hungry. It was about 5, so Jason and I went to Lettuce Souprise You for dinner. There, I stuffed my face. I had a salad with lowfat ranch, two bowls of veggie soup, some green beans, a little lowfat muffin and a small thing of pudding. I felt like I had to be rolled out of the restaurant. So, despite my dinner pigout, three hours later, I was hungry and nibbling in the kitchen. Argh.


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