The wooer

Have you ever noticed in a group exercise class, there is always a “wooer”?  Some person that randomly shouts, “Woo” when the class gets tough?  There was a wooer in my spin class tonight.  I couldn’t tell where in the room said wooer was, but but every so often, there was a definite woo.  I don’t know if these wooers are aerobics teachers in a former life (or now) and are just used to wooing.  It makes me a little embarrassed for them to tell you the truth.  No offense to you wooers out there.

I made Rachael Ray’s Chickpeas, Thank you meal for dinner. The sauce was probably a little thicker than it should have been. It was more like a dip than a pasta sauce. I’m sure I could have pureed it a little longer. It would probably be quite good as a dip actually. I might have to try that soon.



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