Poised to be the best week ever

I’m getting a little too optimistic but this week could possibly be the best week ever for a couple of reasons.

1. I might have a new furry friend. I have been going through the process of adopting a dog! I had to fill out an application, have a phone interview and have some people come over and do a home check. But I passed on all accounts so now really all I have to do is pick out the dog that I want and he or she will be mine! There is one that I have my eye on, but Jason needs to meet him. We’re going to an adoption even today at noon. We won’t come home with a dog, but one could definitely be coming this week.

2. Barack Obama.

3. We’re having a housewarming party next Saturday. I have never really had a party myself and I think it’ll be really fun to have all of our friends over. I need to prepare though. I’m a little confused about how much food and alcohol I should get. We are going to have around 15 people, could be a little more or a little less. I’m thinking hummus and pita chips or veggies, chips and salsa, maybe some interesting popcorn (I have a popcorn popper), and some sort of little hot appetizers, potstickers or something of the sort. My friend Dave offered to make something sweet. As for alcohol, some bottles of Two Buck Chuck, maybe a case of beer and a bottle or two of liquor with some mixers. Is that enough, too much?

Anyway, back to point number two. I don’t want to get all political since this is supposed to be a food and workout blog, but I just can’t help it. I really, really hope that Obama wins on Tuesday. I feel like the Republicans have had eight years in office and they haven’t made any progress with this country. Why not give the democrats a try? It’s exciting to me that we could have a president who seems to energize the country, especially young people, and we really could make changes. I would love for the US to have more respect worldwide and I think that President Obama would help our image greatly. Of course, I live in Georgia which is traditionally very red. The city of Atlanta is like a little democratic haven though so it’s easy to forgot that the rest of the state might not think the way I do. What is exciting is that this year, we are practically a swing state! I have no doubt that GA will go to McCain but it’s still exciting that in such a red state, it’s really close. There was even one poll that had Obama up by 1% in GA!

I haven’t voted yet. We did have early voting here but with the combination of me being lazy and kind of wanting to be in that line on election day to feel the buzz of excitement in the air, I didn’t vote. So I will be in line on Tuesday at 7 am, book in hand, ready to make some change.


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