Back into the groove

I’ve gone to the gym 4 out of 5 days this week.  I’m trying to amp up my workout routine some.  Instead of just doing weights one day and cardio the next, I’m trying to do them together and just give myself a kind of harder workout.  

A bunch of my coworkers were going to some new greek restaurant for lunch.  I knew that Jason and I were going out to dinner so I passed and ate a can of soup.  I’m trying to balance my meals more.  If I know that I’m going out to dinner, I’m going to try to keep lunch on the lighter side and vice versa.

I took some pictures of my meals today but they were kind of boring and I don’t feel like pulling them off my flash drive.  Coincidently, Jason just told me to use his camera to take more pictures because my blog has gotten boring.  I guess that I could upload the pictures from my flash drive.  Eh, later.  Sorry Jason.


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