Restaurant Review – Eros

I drive by this new restaurant, Eros every day on my way to work and I’ve been really interested in trying it. My friend Adina lives literally next to the restaurant, so she, my friend Emily and I decided to try it. There isn’t much parking, I think it’s all valet, so we just walked from Adina’s apartment. She had made reservations so we were seated pretty quickly. The interior of the restaurant was sort of odd. First of all, the building is this weird circle. It had a big bar in the center and the kitchen against the back. There were some outdoor additions but it was too cold to sit outside. This place used to be a different restaurant, Piebar, and the layout was the same. They also had some sort of weird 70s decorating vibe going on. They were also playing a lot of 80s dance remixes. The hostess sat us in the oddest place. There was a DJ in the back of the restaurant and we were sat in this tiny little table next to the DJ booth. It was definitely not big enough for three people to order a bunch of tapas. Our waiter lit a candle but we ended up blowing it out and getting rid of it because our table was so small.

We ended up getting 8 plates in all. We had:
hummus and tzaziki with pita
bang bang shrimp
minced clams
zucchini kabobs
tempura green beans
marinated peppers

The food was pretty good and unlike most experiences I’ve had with tapas, I was full afterwards. The hummus was decent and I loved the tzazaki sauce. I think that was my favorite dish. I also enjoyed the marinated pepper. It was half of a roasted red pepper with feta and some salsa inside. The description did not mention the feta so if you aren’t a fan, you wouldn’t know.

We decided the secret to tapas is going in a very small group. When you’re in a big group, you never get enough food!


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