Tomorrow’s Like Friday

I’m so happy that it’s a three day week.  I’m hoping that we’ll get out of work early tomorrow.  They never like to tell us until that morning.  We are having a Thanksgiving potluck.  I made pumpkin bread:


I used the recipe from Hungry Girl except I used sugar instead of splenda. I figured it out to be 3 points per slice. I hope it’s good, it’s still cooling and I’m probably going to go to sleep before tasting it. Although I probably should sample it to make sure I don’t kill my co-workers.


2 responses to “Tomorrow’s Like Friday

  1. Be sure to post how the bread turns out. I love pumpkin bread.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Lauren, it was good. It was very heavy, I guess from the whole wheat flour. It would definitely be good for breakfast though with some jam on it.

    That picture is of double the recipe.