So yesterday morning, when my alarm went off at 6, I’ll admit, I reset it for 7:10. I think I was just really tired from traveling on Sunday. I made up for it though. I went to the gym by my office at lunch and did approximately 30 minutes of upper body. I didn’t have any food for lunch so I stopped by Subway and got a 6 inch Veggie Delite, a bag of Baked Lays and a bottle of water. I suppose I could have done without the chips, but they did make the meal more filling.

After work, I had to go vote in the GA runoff senate election. (Unfortunately, my candidate did not win but that was sort of to be expected.) My polling place is pretty much on the way to the gym, so I decided to go straight there after I voted. I did a short interval run. I ran 2 minutes at 5.5 mph and then 1 minute at 6.5 mph. I did this for 20 minutes. I wanted to do it for 30 but there were people in line for the treadmills and I always feel really guilty if I go over the maximum time. (Speaking of which, at the gym by my house it’s 20 min, at the gym by my office, it’s 30. What’s up with that? They’re the same gym.) I happened to find a Glamour magazine on the ground, so I took that on the elliptical for 15 minutes.

We have no groceries in our house and I had intended to go to Kroger after the gym, but I was smelly and cold and didn’t feel like it. I sort of threw some ingredients together to make a Mexican soup and had a side of green beans with almonds and 1 laughing cow cheese. I really prefer LC cheese spread on something rather than eaten by itself, but we didn’t have any veggies and I didn’t want to use up the point if I had eaten a piece of bread. Jason was at work so I just hung out and watched an episode of Intervention on On Demand. I also made myself some air popped popcorn.

I weighed myself this morning. My official weigh-in day is Thursday but I felt like I’d been doing well so I wanted to see. Umm yeah, not so much. I weighed 2 more pounds than when I’d started! What the hell? I know that while I didn’t eat well on Thanksgiving, I didn’t eat that badly either. Certainly not bad enough to gain 2 pounds. Hopefully it’s just from being bloated. I’m also about to get my period, maybe it’s from that. It’s really frustrating but I am determined. I figure it’s either keep with the program (that I paid for 3 months of anyway) or give up. If I gave up, it’s not going to help me reach my goal, so I might as well keep going. I mean, Weight Watchers works for so many people and even though I might think I have something wrong with me that keeps me from losing weight, in reality, I don’t. It just sucks. I’m not looking for huge results in one week, I’d settle for my weight being the exact same. Just not more! I’ve read a lot of personal accounts of Weight Watchers dieters and it seems that the people who do gain weight are the ones that spend all of their points on things like 100 calorie packs; stuff that is low point, but low in nutrients and low in the fullness factor. I am trying to focus on eating mainly whole foods. I actually eat pretty well normally. I think I just eat too much. Too much healthy food still equals too many calories. It’s like on WW if you eat a cup of broccoli, for example, it might be 0 points, but if you eat 6 cups, it might be 5. I’m not sure how many points 6 cups of broccoli really is, but I’m just trying to make the point that too much food, even healthy food, can be detrimental to weight loss efforts.

My office building implemented this new recycling program. This is actually the entire building, not just some weird office rule. Anyway, they have requested that everyone not throw away food trash in their individual offices. I guess the people that clean the offices will sort through the individual trash cans and separate the paper. That’s all fine and dandy and green but it leads to multiple trips to the (overflowing) kitchen trash can which leads to:


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  1. I have definitely learned that I weigh a little more before the TOM, so I try to just keep it in perspective…even if I do want to yell at the scale