Manic Monday

And it so it begins. The Holiday Booty Buster Challenge of course. I don’t think I’m going to win this thing, but it’s still a fun challenge. I’ll try to track my HBBC points at the end of my posts for the next month.

I have been fighting the urge to weigh myself. I know that for peace of mind, I need to wait until Thursday, my official weigh-in day. The number on the scale shouldn’t dictate my mood for the day, but unfortunately, it does. I think I’m doing well. I’ve noticed a difference in how I eat now that I’ve been tracking my food for two weeks. I used to have a lot of little snacks. I’d be bored at work and have a snack. I’d get home from work and immediately get a small snack. I was basically always eating and not listening to my hunger cues at all. Now, since I’m alloted a certain amount of food a day, I have to ask myself if I’m really hungry or just eating out of habit. Hopefully the scale will go in the right direction this week. Eventually it has to, right?

I went to spin class after work. I had a somewhat annoying day and needed to get some aggression out. The class was hard today. I’ve taken this teacher’s class a bunch of times and although it’s always tough, today seemed particularly so. Although it was super-hard, the hour passed fast and I felt better. It’s weird how exercise does that; it somehow changes your mood for the better. I got home and didn’t feel like making anything for dinner so I just threw together some random stuff. I made a spaghetti squash and topped it with spinach, mushrooms, tuna, tomato sauce and some cheese. It was okay. I should have drained the squash better; it was really watery. Maybe I’m not destined to be a chef. Food seems to taste way better when I follow a recipe.
I swear, all my meals look the same no matter what they are!

HBBC Points – 4 (spinning for an hour)


2 responses to “Manic Monday

  1. I am so glad you said your meals look the same, because I have thought that about mine before.. I mix in the veggies and the meat and suddenly…it’s the same thing, but it doesn’t taste the same!

  2. Amanda – my food tends to be sauteed veggies with a mexican type sauce or sauteed veggies with an asian type sauce. I am kind of lacking in the creativity department!