Running shiz

I signed up for the ING Georgia Half Marathon in the end of March. I’ve done this race twice – last year I did the half and the year before I did the full. I have basically 16 weeks to train. Unfortunately, I’m out of running shape at the moment. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking that because I still do “cardio” at the gym, I can still run. Yeah, not so much. I am trying to start again and to ignore the voice in my head that makes me get down on myself because what used to be easy to me isn’t anymore. If I keep at it, It’ll get easier. I know this and it happens every time that I take a break from running. But it still sucks to start again. I did 2.75 miles on the treadmill during lunch and it was hard! I did the first mile at 6.3, the second one and a half at 6.0 and the last .25 at 5.8. So, what’s the best way to go about this? Do I start trying for distance first at a slower pace or do I try to increase both my distance and my speed at the same time? I’m planning on using Hal Higdon’s novice plan even though I’m not technically a novice. My friend Joan is also doing the race with me and she’s never run a half before. She’s about to move within walking distance to my house, so I’ll have someone to do my long runs with.

I’m also going to get Murphy into training shape. Eventually. We’ll have to work on “sit” and “stop jumping” first.

HBBc – 2.75


2 responses to “Running shiz

  1. i bet in 2-3 weeks you’ll already feel much better (ie back to your old running shape)! i would not stress about speed for the first part of training and just focus on completing the distances relatively comfortably — and i promise it will get easier!

  2. focus on distance not time. speed will come in time by increasing your distance.

    good luck