I heard this on the radio this morning and started bawling. Seriously, I had to stop listening because I was afraid that I’d ruin my makeup on my way to work. I got home and watched the youtube video and started crying again.

I have this group of girlfriends. I knew some of them as early as elementary school, the rest I met in middle and high school. We live in different places. Some of us are still in Maryland and by some fluke, some of us are in Atlanta. Even though we’re still pretty young, in our late twenties or early thirties, we’ve still gone through a lot. Good stuff, careers, promotions, houses, marriage, dogs, babies. And some bad, deployments, miscarriages, deaths of dogs, grandparents and parents.

I don’t talk to these girls that often, especially the ones that don’t live in Atlanta but I feel like as different as we may have become as women, we are still able to count on one another and like she said, be there for the first laugh after the bad parts.

Oh God, I’m crying again!


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