It’s official: I’m old.

I had to work yesterday. It put me in a bad mod because it seemed that the rest of the world had the day off. Seriously, there were like 10 cars in the parking lot of my building. All day I kept thinking that we might get to leave early since half the office had taken a vacation day but no such luck. Oh well, at least it was Friday.

When I got home from work, I was starving. Jason and I had plans to see Drivin’ and Cryin’ later that night. We decided to go to an early dinner before the show. We went to Marlows. This place has several locations, but I hadn’t been to the one in Midtown before. It was a pretty nice looking place, lots of cherry wood everywhere. We started off with the hummus which was good. For my meal, I ordered the fish tacos sans cream. I also got a side salad. I failed to notice, in the description, that the salad was everything that I hate – gorgonzola cheese, bacon and bitter greens. I called back the server and told him that I didn’t realize that it had bacon on it. He said that he’d make me another without it and I asked for it to also not have the gorgonzola. (I actually said bleu cheese, that’s what I thought it was). He didn’t hear me correctly and brought me a new salad without the bacon, but not only with the gorgonzola, but also with a gorgonzola dressing! Bleh. I didn’t eat it. The fish tacos were meh too.

After dinner, we made our way over to the concert. I was getting a little tired at this point but Drivin’ and Cryin’ is Jason’s favorite band and I knew he was really excited about seeing them. The opening band went on around 9 and DNC went on at 10. In the middle of their set, I did something ridiculous. I fell asleep! At a loud rock concert, I fell asleep! I was just so tired. Even thought I was enjoying the music, the show seemed to go on forever. I thought it might end around 11:30, but they played until nearly 12:30. At about midnight, I bought a bottle of water and that woke me up a little bit. Needless to say, when we got home, I completely passed out.

I still can’t believe I nodded off at a concert!


One response to “It’s official: I’m old.

  1. i have fallen asleep at SO many concerts. it is embarrasing. i can remember having sleep-onset hallucinations at lucinda williams while she was rocking out on stage. yes i am pathetic.