Date Night Times Two

Jason and I rarely off work at the same time, so we took full advantage of both having Thursday and Friday off.   On New Years Day we took Murphy for an hour walk in the neighborhood while playing the “If we could afford any of these houses, which one is the best?” game.  Let’s just say there are a ton of “best” houses around where we live but sadly, we can afford none of them.  Jason was craving Italian food that night, but it seemed like nothing was open.  New Years Day is such a weird holiday.  I always forget that things are closed.  It just seems to me that they shouldn’t be.  I can understand Thanksgiving and Christmas being closed because it’s tradition for people to spend time with their families, but I never really understood the New Years Day thing.  Shouldn’t there be sales and stuff instead?  Anyway, we finally settled on Brio. It’s really not bad for a chain restaurant. I had the salmon salad with the dressing on the side. I didn’t eat most of the fried potatoes on top. I also had 2 slices of bread and 2 flatbreads. Jason had the lasagna. After dinner, we went back home and watched Baby Mama.

Yesterday was similar. Our original plan was to take Murphy to Piedmont Park. and then go ice skating in Centennial Olympic Park. Unfortunately, our plans were foiled by the rainy weather. We ended up just taking Murphy for a neighborhood walk between the bouts of rain. I went to the gym and did a 30 minute workout on the Arc Trainer. I probably should have done more but was short on time. We had decided to see Marley and Me at the Fork & Screen. Neither one of us had been to the theater before. It is one of those kinds that you can order dinner and drinks while you watch the movie. We both thought it was a cool idea. The tickets costed the same as any other theater. We decided to wait until after the movie to eat, but did have some beer. Their prices for drinks and food were a little higher than normal, but nothing astronomical. The only real complaint that I had about the theater, and this is to be expected, was sometimes the servers would get in the way of the movie. (BTW, wear waterproof mascara if you go see Marley and Me. Seriously, the line in the bathroom after the movie was filled with red faced, teary-eyed women, myself included.) After dinner, we were trying to figure out what would be opened and decided on Smith’s which has decent food and is near our house. Wrong choice! There was a game on TV and the place was packed. We walked in and walked out. We drove up the street to The Highlander. This place was recently featured on that Dives, Drive-in’s and…uhh..something show. For a divey punkish bar, they certain do have good food. I had a cup of the black bean soup and a small salad.

Now our date nights are over and he has to go back to work today. Boo. On the plus side, I did make myself a really good banana stuffed french toast this morning.


3 responses to “Date Night Times Two

  1. ha I know what you mean abou the houses! The ones me and Austin can afford are glorified meth labs. Buckhead/Brookhaven/Dunwoody/etc. are SO proud of themselves – argh! Right – we only go to buckhead backlots for comedies. We saw War of the Worlds there a few years back and it was such an intense movie ruined by “hear’s your fries!” haha And so funny about Smith’s Old Bare – we play poker there all the time!!

  2. I hear ya! They gave me my check at the end when I bawling my eyes out which was kind of odd.