I normally go a pilates class on Sundays at 5:45 with my friend Emily. There are two branches of my gym that are close to my house. I’d say that I go to one 90% of the time and the other 10%. The 10% being primarily pilates. When I got there, there was a sign at the front desk that said that the class was now at 4:45. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if I hadn’t been wearing Uggs. I went back to my car and started to drive home to get my shoes. At first, I was just going to get them and go to the other gym but the more I thought about it, the more it difficult it seemed that this was going to be. We leave Murphy in a room. He’s pretty okay with it but when he hears you come home, he barks and whines. Now, I could either come home and deal with the barking and leave again to even more barking or I could go home and play with him for a while and then leave him. Neither of these seemed like good options. If he started barking a lot, it might piss off the neighbors and if I went to the gym later, it would ruin my nightly plan of gymming then grocery shopping then cooking. So, I turned around back into the parking lot and walked back into the gym in my Uggs. I figured that I could lift weights in silly shoes and no one would really be the wiser. So I managed to do abut 40 minutes of upper body lifting.

So far, in the first week of 2009, I have accomplished my one recipe a week goal. Tonight, I made Pastisio from the Weight Watchers cookbook. I don’t think I can post the recipe online, but I did make a few adjustments. The big one was that I used Morningstar Farms beef crumbles instead of ground beef. I also used whole wheat penne instead of ziti and pumpkin pie spice instead of nutmeg and cinnamon. (I didn’t have any nutmeg.) The original recipe is 5 points per serving, so I’m guessing mine is a little less. I haven’t figured it out yet. It was okay. A little on the tasteless side. Maybe it’ll improve over time when the flavors meld.


A close up:


Murphy is literally laying on top of me as I type this. This dog is quite the attention whore!


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